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Every Life Matters. Your Impact

Her Handwork supports economically challenged communities that produce beautiful ethical products and gifts.

We have sourced ethical fashion and fair trade gifts from organisations who pay their employees a fair wage and provide humane working conditions.

Fair Trade products offer dignified employment opportunities to women, empower the disadvantaged and allow them to create a sustainable, dignified livelihood.


Celebrate creativity by purchasing a handmade item by Her Handwork. Profits will be used to help empower disadvantaged women and children living with HIV and struggling with drug abuse. 

Her Handwork partners with overseas based NGOs to meet the needs of the underprivileged, many of which are immediate. 

Most of the at risk sections within communities may not have access to education, proper shelter, food, sustainable and dignified employment, clean drinking water, proper healthcare and representation. All of which are essential for basic human dignity.

Your dollar will help them achieve their potential, have access to basic human dignity and live a meaningful life.