How Your Dollar is Used

Her Handwork fundraises for overseas based NGOs; Mercy International's HIV Centre for Children in Thailand and New Life Community Sri Lanka.

All profits raised from items sold will go towards empowering women and children living with HIV as well as the desperately poor living in remote villages in Sri Lanka.

Specifically, funds will be used to;

-👣 maintain the current shelters for women and children in Thailand, general furniture upgrades, sheets, towels, mattresses, kitchen utensils etc.

-💖 pay for education and teaching resources

🐇purchase play equipment for the babies and toddlers in Thailand

🙌 help Mercy International work towards sustainability, seeds for vegetables, fish holding tanks, farm equipment etc.

- keep infants, toddlers and children off the streets or away from unhealthy family environments into a safe shelter with access to proper education, food and the necessary skills to support themselves with dignity.

💧build proper sanitation and clean drinking water taps for remote villages in Sri Lanka that are still recovering from a 30 year civil war, 8 hours away from Colombo.

- Minister to drug addicts in the Western Province of Sri Lanka where 75% of crime is drug related. 

Her Handwork also raises awareness for sex trafficking and poverty.

Once disadvantaged women and children are empowered with access to education and skills that are necessary for sustainable livelihood, the cycle of poverty may be broken and they may be less vulnerable to being trafficked.