Her Handwork is a social enterprise based in Melbourne.

This social enterprise aims to help and impact children and young women who suffer in the worst imaginable ways, those who no one loves, no one knows exists, for those who find human love, care and comfort foreign, strange and unknown.

Her Handwork believes in relieving the suffering of the innocent, those who are caught up in circumstances beyond their control. Each and every single person trapped in the poverty cycle should be given a chance to break free from it, be educated or equipped with skills to provide sustainable jobs for themselves.

This social enterprise believes in speaking up for those who do not have a voice, raising awareness for poverty and human sex trafficking. 

Her Handwork stocks Fair trade items from India and handmade items from our Founder. Profits earned will be used to invest in the lives of the disadvantaged and also to transform communities by keeping family units together.

I partner with overseas based NGOs raise much needed funds to meet the needs of the underprivileged. All profits from items sold will go towards the women and children living in Mercy International's HIV Centre for Children in Thailand.

New Life Community Sri Lanka helps the desperately poor living in remote Sri Lankan villages have access to clean drinking water. New Life Community Sri Lanka also ministers to groups of drug addicts in the Western Province where 75% of crime is drug related. 

This social enterprise is all about a full tummy, one smile, one life changed, a good education and a fellow human being who is loved and accepted.

Every single man, woman and child we encounter are divine appointments.

 There is no them; There is only us. - Brian Zahnd


Meet the founder of Her Handwork.