Our Cause

A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good.

What drives Her Handwork?

A big reason why I do what I do is to empower the disadvantaged; those who are considered most at risk in communities, unemployed long term and the marginalized.

Most of the at risk sections within communities may not have access to education, proper shelter, food, sustainable and dignified employment, clean drinking water, proper healthcare and representation. All of which are essential for basic human dignity.

Her Handwork serves the vulnerable, those who have fallen within the margins of society with no representation and access to basic human dignity.

I do what I can to help overseas based NGOs carry out their ministries;

getting infants, toddlers and children off the streets or away from unhealthy family environments into a safe shelter with access to proper education, food and the necessary skills to support themselves with dignity.

building clean drinking water taps, proper sanitation, ministering to drug addicts, praying for those who desperately want to break free from chains of addiction and emotional torment.

I believe lives must be restored physically and spiritually.

I raise awareness for sex trafficking and poverty. I believe once disadvantaged women and children are empowered with access to education and skills that are necessary for sustainable livelihood, the cycle of poverty may be broken and they may be less vulnerable to being trafficked.

I fundraise by selling Fairtrade and handmade items at markets and online occasionally.

These funds are reinvested back to the NGOs I support.