What Is In Your Hands?

 Today’s world is run on numbers. Rankings are important and numbers stack up. It is synonymous with performance in our culture. We often forget that small things can cause big changes. There is strength in small numbers and humble beginnings.

Small acts of kindness build momentum in our own lives and in the lives of those we serve. A mustard seed becomes a towering tree. As we practice giving and receiving, our capacity for both expands.

Do not despise small beginnings. I started out by hosting presentations to raise awareness for poverty and sexual slavery within KPMG Australia. 

Since then, I have hosted more awareness sessions within different KPMG offices and within small church groups.

I am still using my voice to represent the under privileged.

KPMG Melbourne 2017 

 I share about my various mission trips over the years and helps raise funds for the under-represented. I have met so many amazing individuals both in and out of the corporate world who are keen on making a difference in this broken world we live in. 

In April 2018, KPMG Australia published an article about my volunteer experience in a HIV Centre for Children on their internal media platform Firm wide in April 2018. The response was overwhelming.

"I have my voice. I have my hands. I am doing all I can, where I am, to make a difference in one life."

You are never too insignificant to make a change in this hurting world. 

One flower can bring beauty
One word can heal a hurting heart
One drop of water can bring relief
One voice can change a melody
One prayer can bring miracles
One idea can change a generation 
One vote can impact a nation
One speech can change a nation
One person can mean the world
One spark can light an entire forest
One life can make a difference 
Let that difference begin with you

Find out how you can make your legacy by investing generationally.

'We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another." — Veronica Roth.