They Matter. They Count.

 The developing countries (Africa, Latin America, certain parts of Asia) now account for about 80% of the world population. The highest growth rates occur in the poorest countries. As our population grows, so will the many children who will endure a life of high social risk.

Children and childhoods are at risk like never before. There are many children and young women who suffer in the worst imaginable ways. 

There are those whom no one knows exists.

There are too many of them who find human love, care and affection to be foreign, strange and unknown. 

Her Handwork. Missions Thailand.

    Her Handwork. Missions Thailand.

    Her Handwork may not be among those doing the ground work overseas, however, she is using her voice where she is, and her hands where she can, to raise awareness and much needed funds to support the ever changing needs of these children.

    Her Handwork. Missions Thailand.

    The reason why she does what she does is simple. Each and every single child and young lady she have met throughout her mission trips are like an extension of herself. It is like looking into a mirror. She sees herself in them.

    Except she has been given so many opportunities here. Now, imagine if the under-represented had been given half the opportunities she has been given, they can be so more than what she can ever hope to be in this lifetime.


    ‘Every child has the right to know there is beauty in the world.’ – Isaac Stern