Mercy International Thailand

Mercy International - Thailand

Founded in 1985 by Rob and Jean Dunk, the sole aim of Mercy International in Thailand was to help disadvantaged children reach their highest potential. Mercy International has three centres for children, all based in Thailand. 

I fundraise specifically for Mercy International's HIV Centre for Children. The times I have spent volunteering with Mercy International changed my life. Those young lives that were abandoned, abused and left to die have now been given hope, love and a future.

 This HIV Centre for Children is located in an outer suburb of Khon Kaen, one of Thailand's larger cities and one of the country's worst AIDS affected districts.

Funds raised will be used 

- to work towards sustainability. Mercy International grow their own vegetables, rear their own fish, chicken and pigs for food. Money will be used to invest in fish holding tanks and proper farm equipment.

- for the children's education. This includes teaching resources and play equipment.

- to maintain the shelters. Sheets, towels, pillows, mattresses, hot water heaters, kitchen equipment and general furniture need to be replaced due to wear and tear and also due to welfare and hygiene standards and expectations that go with operating the shelters.

More details and direct donations can be made towards Mercy International below.