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Feather Light - Silver Settings

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Ordinary, plain and not as eye catching compared to blooms like the rose or lily. What the dandelion lacks in color and obvious beauty, it makes up for it with its unique geometry.

The distinctive look of the dandelion is eye catching. The dandelion is often associated with hope and dreams that come true. Because when children blow on dandelion fluff, they close their eyes and make a wish.

All my jewellery items are handmade in small batches to maximise quality and uniqueness. Most flowers are pressed. All items are poured, cast, sanded and polished one piece at a time.

All profits will go towards the under-represented; young women and children living with HIV in Thailand, the desperately poor living in remote villages in Sri Lanka.

- Handmade
- Lightweight
- Stainless surgical steel
- Charity supporting
- Empowering women and children

- Restoring dignity

See these items beyond just mere jewellery. They will empower the underprivileged with basic human dignity.

Look good, do good, feel good.

"Everything has beauty." - Anon