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Yak Milk Soap - Apple Cinnamon

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Amdo Craft is dedicated to training and helping Tibetan nomads use the only resource they have, yak and sheep wool and yak milk. The profit of the sales of these unique handmade handicrafts goes back to Tibetan communities. In return they are able to provide shoes, clothes, and school books for their children as well as food for the long cold winters.

Handmade by Tibetans 

Our soap is personally hand crafted by Tibetan men and women. Each soap is carefully created in small batches using saponified yak or sheep tallow, rapeseed oil, and yak milk. To enhance the fragrance, moisturizing, and exfoliating properties, most soaps contain Tibetan herbs or flowers, oatmeal, essential oils, and mineral colorants. 

Smells good enough to eat! With a scent of freshly-picked apples, the cinnamon essential oil adds a spicy twist.

Made with Yak Milk 

Almost everything from the yak is used to sustain the lives of Tibetan herdsmen and their families. As the main ingredient in our hand-crafted soap, Yak milk is superior to other milk. It has a higher fat content and is rich in protein, vitamin A, and calcium. 

100% Natural 

Yak Milk Soap is very different from the bars of soap purchased in supermarkets. Commercial soaps contain harsh chemicals which can irritate and dry out the skin. The high content of moisturizing ingredients and great fragrances make Yak Milk Soap a treat to the skin.